Frequent Ask Questions

How do I order a Jukebox and the one that I want ?
Contact us by phone or email, tell us the model Jukebox you require, address details, contact numbers and email address, and date of hire.

Do I get to select or choose the music I want ?
Yes, when we receive your details a music lists will be sent to you via email where you choose or select 35 cd’s from any of the lists.

Why can I only choose 35 and not 50 or 100 cd’s ?
A lot of effort goes into setting up a jukebox with customer’s choice of music and requirements. We are the only Jukebox Company that still allow you to choose or select songs. To set up a jukebox with your 35 cd selections it can take a couple of hours of time and with 100 cd’s it takes three times as long

Can we put our own cd’s ?
Yes, you can, we allow up to 5 of your own cd’s can be loaded into the jukebox, have those cd’s ready for us when it is deliver on the day.

Also can we use burnt cd’s ?
As long as those cd’s are in CD or Audio format as the jukebox won’t play any other format.

Who sets up the Jukebox  Machine?  
One of our friendly delivery drivers will set the Jukebox or Amusement machine up and make any adjustments required. They will then explain in detail how to use or operate the machine and if you have any concerns feel free to ask any questions you want.

What time do you deliver the machine?                                                                                                                                                
We start deliveries at 9am each day. All other delivery times need to be advised.

Do we need to provide anything for you?                                                                                                                                      
Yes, we need one standard power point for the Jukebox and an extension cord if required.

Can we connect a laptop or iPhone and play music through the Jukebox?.
These are genuine AMI CD Jukeboxes that were built in the 80’s and 90's and are unable to connect to external devices such as iPhone or laptops.

Does the karaoke sing along with you?
Each song is different, it depends on how the record label releases the artist song, some songs will have backing lyrics throughout the whole song and others might have backing lyrics in the chorus 

Can we adjust the volume?
Yes, every Jukebox has a volume control at the back of unit which you can use to control the volume to your desired level.

How long do we get to keep the jukebox or amusement machines for?.
The jukebox and amusement machine is dropped to you during the day, well before the party starts and pick up the following day. We then make arrangement with you as to what time to collect the machines or equipment the following day.

Can we connect the jukebox karaoke machine to our TV at home?  
Yes, in some cases we can connect our karaoke jukebox to your TV. It depends on the TV and model, but most modern tv’s are compatible. If you wish for us to attempt to do this for you on the day, please let us know before hand, we can’t promise that it will work for whatever reason but we will give it ago.

How do we pay for the machine?
Payment can be made by cheque or cash on the day of delivery or EFT transfer before the event.