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Sydney Jukebox Hire
A Jukebox Hire is the perfect way to offer an incredible range of music for your party.
We are the only company in Sydney Metro area that hires the AMI ROWE Style jukeboxes and we guarantee the lowest price in all of Sydney.
You and your guests will party to one of our Retro Classic Style Jukeboxes all night long until the last person drops.

These are the classic Retro style of the AMI ROWE Jukeboxes made popular in the 80’s and 90’s.
This is the most popular jukebox style of all time. They are manufactured in a multi-million dollar plant with extraordinary state-of-sound
and style reproductions. Each of our Jukeboxes are equipped with a 6 speaker 3-way sound system to
make your music sound as good if not better than a live DJ. Colour lights and spinning discs with flip page display are some of many features
with our Jukeboxes. Your guests will gather to watch and listen as the CD’s automatically change to next selections.

Jukeboxes appeal to all ages: even younger people who may have never seen one before.
They are a major focal point of your party as guests gather to see where the music is coming from.
Of course they are set for free play – no coins needed.

Jukeboxes are a great alternative to a DJ. Your guests can select their favourite songs (not what the DJ wants to play).
And the fun continues long after the DJ would have left since we pick them up the next day.
We will accommodate the need for a special pickup time (e.g. nightclub house hours).

For large gatherings or planning to host outdoor events, the jukeboxes can be delivered
with two large speakers for proper sound quality reinforcement.
They can be set up either indoors or outdoors but must not be in direct sunlight or rain.
You control the volume which is great for outdoors if the party goes late for neighbours.