Strobe Light

Light Consumption: 20W
Power supply: AC240V, 50Hz
Flash rate: 0-10 flashes per second
Case material: ABS
Work environment: 10~40? Indoor
Gross weight: 0.5kg
Free Stand and T-bar


4 Colour light Chaser

This light chaser uses a simple, but very effective design. When music is playing, it switches in time with it. It is a mains powered unit, housed in a strong aluminium case. The four globes are switched on and off sequentially. The speed is controlled by an internal sound modulator, with a small microphone built in to detect the
music. It measures 435(W) x 105(H) x 185(D)mm, includes a mounting bracket, and 800mm mains lead. It uses 240V 60W ES reflector lamps, and is supplied with a red, yellow, green, and blue globe.
Free Stand and T-bar

$30.00 ea or 2 for $55.00

CR Mushroom LED Effect Light

The CR Lite Party Range of LED lighting effects offer a quick and easy way to set up your party. This party range includes LED mini burst, LED mushroom light & UV/Strobe slim light.


  • Classical mushroom Effect
  • 9W High power Tricolour RGB LED
  • 350 degree rotating back and forth, shining the whole area
  • 15 shining beams and rich multicolour effect
  • Auto running and sound active modes
  • Free Stand and T-bar


Light Emotion Mushroom Led

The Vertigo Tri LED from Mister Jukebox adds sparkle and life to any room with 32 sound-activated beams that move and strobe to the sound of the music for a moonflower-like effect. It uses 2 - 9W 3-in-1 RGB Tri Color LEDs (100,000-hour rating) to produce a variety of color effects, including red, green, blue, purple, yellow, cyan, & white. The Vertigo Tri LED light has In/Out IEC power connections for daisy-chaining power and includes an easy-to-adjust built-in hanging yoke. Thanks to its LED technology, the effect light only uses 30W of power. (Free Stand and  T-Bar)


Lighting Pack

All lighting comes with Stand and T-Bar (Multi colour Ball, Multi colour pod, Lighting pack with colour pod, Disco colour ball with stand and T-Bar)


Light Emotion DERBY4 4-In-1 Lighting

Light Emotion DERBY4 4-in-1 Lighting Effect: Gobo Derby, UV, Strobe and RG mini laser. The DERBY4 is FOUR lights in one. Not two, not three, but FOUR!! Unlike every other Derby based effect


4-in-1 Lighting effect

  • Gobo Derby: 8 x 3w RGBY LED
  • UV LED: 8 x 3W UV LED, 400nm
  • White LED: 2 x 3W Cool white LED
  • Laser: Green 80mW/650nm, Red 30mW/532nm
  • Control by Sound, DMX, Auto, Master/Slave
  • 2 or 10 DMX channels.
  • Dimensions 240x220x250mm
  • Weight 4kg
  • Free Stand and T-Bar


Fog Machine

Antari F80Z Mini Fogger Perfect for Mobile DJs, Entertainers and small parties