Delivery Policy

All equipment hired from Mister jukebox must be under cover and away from sunlight and rain
5 step limit with all jukebox deliveries any more must be advise prior to delivery, steps that may change direction with or without landing may not be suitable with delivery
Flat level floor surface is required for delivery of any of our equipment to be set up, failing to provide safe environment may result in equipment unable to deliver or booking cancelled
All steep slopes and drive ways be advise before delivery
Walkways must be at least 800mm wide with sealed surface any unseal, uneven, rocky, pebbles or grassy walkways must be advise
Doorways must be 700mm wide with jukebox deliveries and 900mm with pinball machines
All flats and units require loading dock and lift, dimensions with lift are adequate for delivery, no dock please advise, no lift no delivery ,we will not physically carry any of the hire equipment up flights of stairs or spiral stair case
If you are having your party at a venue the above policy applies a delivery and pick up time on the same day or early pick up the following morning may be required by the venue if so please advise
The hirer is responsible for equipment to be set up close or near a reliable and safe 240 volt supply to any of hire equipment
All Daytona booking require a set up area of 2 by 2 meter flat hard level surface preferably garage or covered large patio area seal pathway and doorways must be 1.5m wide and no steps
All equipment hired from Mister Jukebox must be ready for pick up the following day
Collection for following day is made with the delivery driver on the day or before the event
Yes we pick up on same night midnight is the latest there is no extra charge for this service
We are available up to midnight of the day of hire for technical advice or call outs
Mister Jukebox does not ask for bond fees or cancellation fee

Term Policy

Hirer is responsible for any damage cause to any of Mister Jukebox equipment during the hiring agreement
Hirer must have all equipment ready for pick up the following day and arrange convenient times for pick up, if arrangements for pick up have been alter for whatever reason and no attempt has been made by the Hirer to contact Mister Jukebox with alter arrangements with pick up times and inability for driver to pick up equipment will occur a full day charge and any other days beyond the agreement date
Payment can be made before booking via EFT or on the day with cash or cheque
When equipment is set up by supplier it cannot be moved by the hirer without prior consent
The hirer is responsible for having someone available to take delivery of equipment at the nominated date and time. Failing to take delivery an additional delivery fee may be charge to redeliver equipment at another time
Mister Jukebox reserves the right to change prices or specials on site at any time without notice

Making payment is quite simple and if you like to make payment on or before the date of hire
we accept cheque, cash, money order or EFT